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YCC is a registered non-governmental organization and officially recognized by Ministry of Interior on October 14, 2002 to advocate for peaceful democratic and governance reform, and to promote enterprise-based development, economic opportunity and social accountability among Cambodia youth. Using funding from various international organizations (International Republican Institute (IRI), East-West Management Institute (EWMI), World Vision International (WVI), Action Aid Cambodia, Care International, Oxfam America, and Bread for World), YCC adheres to the vision with desire to see youth contribute to the development of Cambodia through entrepreneurship and democracy. Additionally, YCC has been implementing a series of programs aimed at addressing the issue of entrepreneurship, social economic, youth leadership and employment that they can become active economic, social and political citizens. These have included workshop, training, youth festival, marching, citizen journalist, youth-led group, Facebook drive, press releases, online petition, advocacy, consultative meeting, and conference across Cambodia.

In addition, YCC has a strong history of experiences which are laid down as following:

•  For the past 15 years, YCC has actively engaged in youth economic empowerment in both civic and political participation. Through our works, YCC has been known as an independent youth organization and respected/recognized by key stakeholders including government agencies, political parties, private sector and civil society organizations to address the issue of social-economic, governance, social accountability and democracy reform.
•  YCC has been mobilizing youth to engage in advocacy of national youth policy and national employment policy at national level and sub-national through social media engagement, press conference and public service announcement (PSA).

•  YCC have more experiences of relating with media organizations in order to build effective networks for improvement of youth empowerment.  Through past experience working with multiple media, YCC has built a strong relationship with My TV, CTN, CNC, TV Cambodia, Radio Free Asia (RFA), Radio France International (RFI) and Voice of America (VOA).
•  YCC has had vast experiences in supporting youth development and civic engagement in democracy, good governance, social accountability, decentralization & de-concentration and socio-economic right.
•  For the past 5 years, YCC had built and facilitated the coordination platform including 25 NGOs members, and 2,609 youth networks to work together for youth entrepreneurship development and women economic opportunity in Cambodia.


YCC mission is to promote strengthening and developing capacities of Cambodian youth network and make their voices heard in active contribution to Cambodia’s development.


YCC vision wishes to see a society with active participation of youth in strengthening democracy, economic development, good governance, social accountability, human rights, environment, health, gender, and Cambodia’s development with honesty, peace, and sustainability

4 core programs

  • Youth’s Entrepreneurship Service (YES)
  • Governance and Democracy
  • National Youth Policy Monitoring
  • Youth Action in Education Strengthening (YAS)

Board of Director

Management Team

  • Ms. Ty Rojanet, Chair of Board
  • 015 818 788 |
  • Mr. Sot Rin, Deputy of Board
  • 078 777880
  • Mr. Tek Vannara, Board Member
  • 012 793 489 |
  • Mr. Som Chanratana, Board Member
  • 017 777 687
  • Ms. Touch Kuntea, Board Member
  • 092 925 928
  • Mr. Im Sothy, Executive Director
  • 077 72 32 67 |
  • Mr. Phiek Sina, Program Manager
  • 012 900 875 |
  • Ms. Fernando Rufa, Admin & Finance Manager
  • 015 75 96 49 |

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