Takeo: Through various programs of YCC, youths in the city as well as provinces are given chances to build their future with success. Mr. Ouk Bao, 24 years old with difficult living condition, has learnt a lot from YCC to gain work experience so that he can be success in today time and in the future.

Mr. Bao said that after finishing high school in 2010, he got to know YCC by his friend. Since that time, he usually spent his free time doing volunteer work with other youths who came to YCC to learn and take part in social work.”

It has been three years that Pao has been YCC youth network. He has had many opportunities to work with youth groups, citizens, and especially local authorities in term of organizing youth public forum, attending commune council meeting, doing advocacy work, making petition, doing projects like road maintenance or fundraising…etc.

Since Mr. Bao has been so active and has made a lot of achievements in community work, he was chosen by other youth networks and citizens to be a youth club leader of “Youth Club for Development” in Tram Kok commune in order to continue all those community works.

Through experience, training of “Advanced Democracy Seminar” and actual practice from the theories, Mr. Bao understands a lot about democracy and roles of citizens and youths in democracy.

Currently, besides being youth club leader, he is a senior student doing bachelor of Information System at Sontipol University in Takeo province. He is also an outstanding youth in the village because he always raises social concerns of the villagers and youths to discuss in monthly commune council meeting in order to find solutions.

In addition, besides leading the club, he has brought many youths who used to bad people to join his club and do social works. As a matter of fact, in late June 2013, he led his club to do fundraising to reconstruct a 2Km road in Tram Kok commune. This activity brought a big achievement to his club as it was supported and admired by the commune people.

What is more, in July 2013, Mr. Bao organized public forum under the theme “Development of Tram Kok commune” which focused on drug problem and education problems.

Mr. Bao mentioned that social work is the thing youth should involve for our community and country development like a saying said that, “There is youth; there is development”. He also sent a message to youths that they should love and involve in social work as much as possible.”

By Sann Mala, Youth network from Kompong Cham





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