SiemReap: Because of his persistency in learning and voluntary work experience, Mr. Ponlok Seila, aged 25, achieved his dream and became the director of Music for Everyone School (MES) in Siem Reap and a music teacher who has trained many young adults.

Being gifted in arts, Seila studied music in a part-time class since his high school year with the hope that he would become a famous musician and a manager in an institution one day in the future.

With a broad smile, while teaching how to play guitar, he said “the success that I have today comes from my hardworking and persistency, which was initially earned while being a youth network volunteer at Youth Council of Cambodia (YCC), Siem Reap branch from 2006 to 2012. Before becoming a youth network volunteer, I attended a seminar which was called “Advanced Democracy Seminar (ADS)” for 4 weeks.” “The reason that I volunteered at YCC was that I thought it would be hard to find a good job in the days to come if I had not had enough work experience, and by the way, it was the work that I loved to do as it was a team work and it helped community and society. I worked with youth groups, commune council, and especially many other people around me.

I highly hoped that I could sharpen my ability and be a good citizen who could help my society with such voluntary work”, he added. He continued, “before I became a youth volunteer I had been shy in expressing my ideas and afraid to speak and show my ability to my friends and family. My general knowledge about democracy had also been poor. Anyway, spending time working hard with YCC made me become better in terms of expressing ideas, planning, and leading the team in doing community work such as cleaning the environment, educating the citizens in the countryside, being an observer in the elections and promoting commune/district development plan, etc.” Through this voluntary work experience, he had the opportunity to learn how to communicate and work easily from the bottom line to the managerial work with many organizations in Siem Reap.

For example, he was a community coordinator for Khmer Volunteer Organization between 2008 and 2009. In early 2010, he became a program officer at Rachana Satrei (Women’s Empowerment) Organization, and then he applied to be an education director at Rural Area Kids Organization (RAKO). Now, he is the director of Music for Everyone School (MES). According to Mr. Chea Phong, YCC’s Siem Reap Branch Manager, Mr. Seila was a very active youth network while doing his work for YCC. Although he is now a director of MES, he still spends his time participating with YCC’s social work. He is a valuable resource and is an example to other youths.





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