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Confidence has led me to success

Battambang: being born in a farmer’s family in Borvil District, Battambang Province, Miss Eang Kimly, since her childhood, never dared to dream that she could be a personnel or officer working at any company or organization.


However, because of her self-confidence and well-set life goal for her future motivated her to study hard until she finally graduated from grade 12 at Preah Monivong High School in 2008, and she managed to continue her Bachelor’s degree in Phnom Penh in 2012 with difficulties because she was faced with family’s financial problem and was the oldest in the family.

Nowadays at the age of 24 and a Law Coordinator at ADHOC based in Prey Veng province, she described her struggles and experience working as a volunteer at Youth Council of Cambodia (YCC) between 2006 and 2007, the period before her graduation-exam year at grade 12. She worked as a youth volunteer for one year at Youth Council of Cambodia’s Battambang branch. After being introduced to YCC, Kimly had a chance to join a short training program for one month called “Advanced Democracy Seminar” which is one of YCC’s projects. Via this seminar, she was very interested in lessons relevant to law, human rights, and youths’ roles in the development of the country and in the participation of politics.

Besides this, she also joined many other seminars which related to social work such as participation in Commune Council Meeting, involvement with building roads, and other activities contributing to community development which included communal election campaign and other campaigns like Dengue Fever Prevention and Bird Flue Prevention campaign, etc. With a broad smile and gentle attitude, she said with a soft and slow voice “through voluntary work at YCC’s Battambang branch for one year, I have progressed physically and spiritually and thus increased my confidence to a large extent in gaining social work experience such as communicating with friends, relatives, and citizens in the community as well as working with local commune and district authorities in advocacy work like writing petitions, consultation, and leading groups.”

These kinds of social work encouraged her to enter job competitions in 2012 after her completion of four-year Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration at a Law university, and she was recruited as an Out-of-Court Conflict Resolution Officer (under the project of the Ministry of Justice) at Dangkor District at the end of 2012. Because of her undying persistence and ambition to have a better job, Kimly decided to continue looking for a more satisfactory job until nowadays she has become a Law Coordinator at ADHOC based in Prey Veng. Self-confidence, patience, hardworking, and struggle with unpaid job (voluntary work) do lead to fruitful results for the present and future life.





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