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Through a voluntary work, a farmer’s daughter became an accounting assistant at an optical hospital in Takeo.

Takeo: Some youths think that voluntary work is a waste of time, but this thought is not correct. Obviously, through this voluntary, unpaid job has motivated many youths to become professionals as they have found it easy to get a decent job now and in the future.

Ms. Sak Phalla, a poor farmer’s daughter coming from Tropaing Lak village, Baray commune, Daun Keo district, Takeo province and nowadays having become an accounting assistant at an optical hospital in Takeo, described her lifespan with a broad smile. “As my family was poor, my parents didn’t encourage me to study higher, and they thought that it’s not necessary for a daughter to study higher.


netheless, I didn’t think this view and poverty was the obstacle for my persistent life.” “After graduating from grade 12 in 2007, I was introduced to becoming a youth network volunteer at Youth Council of Cambodia (YCC), Takeo branch by my friends. At that time, I attended a 4-week seminar about “Advanced Democracy”. Then, I became a youth network volunteer and participated with many community work through YCC’s projects such as Youth Democracy Festival in Takeo in 2007, Fundraising for building roads, campaigns against dengue fever, AIDS, birth flue, and working with local authorities like commune council, advocating through petitioning, having good relationship with friends, citizens, and many other people in the communit By working voluntarily with YCC for 2 years, from 2007 to 2009, Ms. Phalla gained confidence in herself and started to value her time, work, and study from general environment which she thought as her lessons and experience.



The lessons and experience motivated her to pursue a degree in Accounting with 50% scholarship for 4 years in academic year 2007-2013. She has just successfully graduated from her degree. Upon successfully obtained her degree in Accounting, Ms. Phalla continued to work as an Accounting Assistant in an optical hospital in Takeo province, and up until now she has earned a good salary for supporting her own daily living as well as her family.


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