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Experience from volunteer work is the main tool for Mr. Bunna’s work success

Phnom Penh: Education is very important for each individual to find a good job in the future. However, in order to get one good job, it also requires work experience along with our knowledge.


Through hard work in learning and volunteer work with Youth Council of Cambodia (YCC), Mr. Eam Bunna, 27 years old, has become a branch manager of YCC Phnom Penh.

This tall man with fair skin and smiling face is speaking slowly about his struggle life before becoming YCC staff. He said, “I am a son from poor famer family in Yeang Thom village, Chy Puch commune, Me Sang district, Prey Veng province. My parents are very old, and I have 7 siblings. I am the 5th child who has the opportunity to pursue education higher than other siblings.”

Bunna was a primary school student in Por Sala primary school in 1991. From 1996 to 1999, he studied at Me Sang secondary school. In 2006, he moved to live with his aunt in Phnom Penh city and continued his study in Sonthor Muk high school.

In Phnom Penh city, it was difficult living with his relatives and getting warmness from his family, and it affected his study. During that time, he spent some times being a passenger caller, who work was to find passengers for the taxi drivers, with his cousin to earn some income to support his study and his family at the homeland.

Due to difficult living condition, he couldn’t spend enough time on his study which made him fail his grade 12 national exam, and he had to spend more than two years to finish it.

At the end of 2006, after passing grade 12 national exam, he continued his study in Bachelor of Khmer literature at Royal University of Phnom Penh. During his four years at the university, he was advised by his friends to join a one-month course about “Advanced Democracy Seminar” in August 2007 at YCC Phnom Penh. After that, he became youth network doing volunteer work until 2010.

When he was a youth network at YCC, he had many opportunities to participate in social works and learn about his surrounding environment. The activities he took part included: persuading people to clean up the environment, joining advocacy workshop, making petition to commune-songkat, participating in Woman Rights campaign, writing marching grants, doing fundraising to buy library materials, joining youth conference and debate about human rights, camping, attending commune meeting, and managing various projects. These are good experience for his success in commune-songkat in Phnom Penh with YCC.

As YCC was recruiting more staff and giving chances to potential youth network, Mr. Bunna decided to apply for the job. Since his capacity was limited, and he was busy with his study, he failed two to three time in applying to be official staff at YCC.

However, through his work experience, his struggle, hard work, belief in his ability, and desire to work with YCC, he was given third chance to apply for the job. As a result, he succeeded and became a branch manager of YCC Phnom Penh at the end of 2012 until now.

The interview of Mr Bunna’s life and work shows about the true story and the struggle of doing volunteer work with YCC which enables him to become branch manager who can build more youth network throughout 16 targeted Songkat in Phnom Penh to take part in volunteer work and sever the society with love and success.


Address:#37A, St.348 , Sangkat Boeng Kengkong III, Khan Chamkamon, Phnom Penh.