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Hard Work Leads to Srey Mom’s Success

Prey Veng: Hard work always enables us to achieve our goals. It also applies to study and job. It depends on how hard we study and how much we volunteer to get experience in order to build our capacity for the good future.

Entering data into a computer with a smiling face, Ms. Kruy Srey Mom, 20 years old and the oldest child among three siblings whose homeland is in Prey Svay village, Chrey Khmom commune, Sithor Kandal district, Prey Veng province, is a former YCC youth. Currently, she is a sophomore at Krong Angkor Institute and an administration assistant at Pi Sno Ka International Corporation in Prey Veng province.

She talked about her life story that because her family condition was poor, she couldn’t continue her study in Phnom Penh city like her friends did when finishing grade 12 in 2012. Therefore, she came to study in Prey Veng province. She studied hard, and she became YCC youth after joining a four-week course of “Advanced Democracy Seminar” organized by YCC.

Srey Mom continued that, “The reason I joint YCC is because I wanted to get good work experience that could build my capacity, increase my knowledge, and build good relation with the community as well as my confident.”




She added that through the volunteer job, she had involved in many activities like organizing public forum about malaria and woman rights, doing fundraising, attending commune-Songkat meetings, doing cleaning up activity, and encouraging citizens to register their name in the voting list and check it. Especially, after volunteering for about one year and a half, Srey Mom has been more confident than before. She communicates well, helps the community, and gains experience.

Srey Mom also mentioned that the experience from YCC and my hard work in studying enables her to get the current job as the administration assistant. Moreover, this job provides incomes that she can use to support her study and help her family.





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