Training and Education

Education and Training Program

Specific Objectives

  • Promote equal access to education for youth, particularly for girls and support the Government to strengthen the implementation of education policies.
  • The internship program is designed to provide students and youth networks with an opportunity to gain meaningful work experience in a field of interest. The overall objective is to equip them with skill development, personal development and experiences that prepare them for jobs and that enable them to lead and contribute to community development efforts.

Main Activities  

  1. Advanced Democracy Seminar (ADS): The Advanced Democracy Seminar (ADS) course content is designed to encourage active participation in politics by youth, ages 18-23. The ADS curriculum focuses on expanding democracy in Cambodia, youth participation in democracy, good governance, and elections.  Throughout the course, trainers help participants identify methods to engage in the political process by inviting local elected and government officials to speak on issues important to youth and identifying Members of Parliament for correspondence or petitions.  To apply the knowledge they are being taught, participants in each ADS course identify a specific problem in their community. Throughout the course, they work with YCC trainers to develop and implement a plan to address the problem.  Over the course of the year, the trainers follow up on the implementation of these plans. 
  2. ADS Cham (Muslim) ADS Cham (Khmer Muslim) is a parallel training course to the Advanced Democracy Seminar designed for a typical focused group of young Khmer Muslim participants. This course aims to provoke more civic participation of the young Khmer Muslim in their communities given the fact that this ethnic group has also been playing active role in social, economic and political affairs of their community and country. ADS Cham is an interactive series of training consisting of four-week modules which highlight the important concepts of democracy such as principles of democracy, good governance, civic participation, election, and role of media. Particularly, democracy concepts reflected by common practices of some specific core values of Muslim has been highlighted during the first week of the training. This part intends to make the Muslim participants aware of the value of democracy, how it works as well as some of their religious practices that are considered as democracy by definition. Some important points were also brought into discussion such as principles of democracy, history of Khmer Muslim, parallel points of democracy and Muslim religious practices. Therefore, participants were given extra handouts on Muslim religious which tells them about the history and some interesting facts and finding of Khmer Muslim in Cambodia and what they have been contributing to society. Besides this special session, the remaining three-week module of ADS remains unchanged.
  3. Social Accountability is to empower young citizens especially women and youth to strengthen the allocation and use of budgets and the delivery of local public services through improved access and use of information and youth led monitoring of budget and the performance of sub-national administrations.
  4. Young future Leadership is to strengthen youth and women’s capacity building of effective leadership and management to express their self-assurance in public speaking, negotiation, diagnosis, flexibility, and commitment to take on a higher leadership role in their community.   
  5. Citizen Journalism
  6. Community Based Enterprise Development 
  7. Internship