Advocacy and Networking

Advocacy and Networking Program

Specific Objective: The Youth Council of Cambodia (YCC) will foster greater participation by youth in the democratic process and press elected officials to address issues of concern to Cambodia’s youth.

Main Activities

  1. Youth Networks Capacity Building YCC has been recruiting active ADS participants to be YCC youth networks. YCC has structured its youth networks on commune based in order to activate them to take the greater participation to address local youth concerns and to improve good governance practices in their respective communes. Having been trained under ADS program, youth networks have been participating in various local events such as submitting petitions letters on certain local youth issues to elected officials (commune councilors) and local authorities, participating in commune council monthly public meetings as well as in other events initiated by local institutions.  In any cases that the important legislation or government decisions impacting youth and democracy in Cambodia are being debated, YCC will mobilize youth activists, cultivated through its trainings and membership networks, to get involved with such a debate. YCC uses grassroots lobbying techniques, including letter writing campaigns and face to face meetings in order to deal and lobby with relevant stakeholders. To make its youth network members performing their roles and responsibilities in more effective way, YCC plans to organize three different workshops for each target provinces to build capacity of youth network members. Through workshops, youth network members will be able to get new working knowledge, experience, practical skill, and information related to their roles and responsibilities from distinguish guest speakers and trainers.
  2. Matching Grant is a fund for youth who actively participate in community services. This project aims at promoting and encouraging youth to better understand their roles and responsibility in community development activities such as democracy, good governance, respect of human rights, people’s participation through implementation of youth initiated projects funded by Matching Grant. Five young people (project team leaders) aged from 18 to 25 can request budget from YCC through this Matching Grant to develop their community. For each project, Matching Grant can provide on 50% or $ 50 of the total expenditure and the rest of 50% or $50, youth can raise by themselves
  3. Marching is a new initiative aimed at engaging the YCC youth network to raise public awareness on certain issues. the marching will be simultaneously organized on International Human Rights Day and International Youth Day. Each march will include at least 50 young people walking for a few kilometers in their communities. After reaching their destination, the marchers will have lunch (prepared on their own) and interact in debate or group discussion to share information, fun and knowledge.
  4. Public Forum is to empower YCC networks to reflect youth’s concern and elected official responsibility activities. 
  5. Consultative dialogue is to encourage YCC networks to discuss with elected official, government official, key actors on public interest of policy such as national youth policy and T-VET policy.
  6. Youth Festival
  7. Commune Youth Representative Election
  8. Youth Conference