Training and Education

1. Advanced Democracy Seminar (ADS) 

Cambodian citizens are enjoying the first sustained peace and prosperity the country has seen in many generations yet they have very little education or experience in exercising the roles and responsibilities of citizens and elected government in a democratic society.  Accordingly, Cambodian citizens have very low expectations of their government and have largely not asserted their rights to active participation in democracy or governance.  Cambodia’s disproportionately large demographic of youth have the resources and apparent interest in playing a leading role in shaping the future of their country and IRI will support YCC in providing education and training to interested youth to empower them to participate effectively in governance and civil society.  

YCC’s Advanced Democracy Seminar will continue to provide youth with a basic education on their political system, the theories and principles of democratic governance, and the impact that informed and motivated youths can have in shaping the development of their country.  The ADS curriculum covers a range of issues relevant to Cambodia’s youth, from the theoretical linkages between Buddhism and democracy to the tangible ways in which youth can engage institutions of governance.  Outstanding students will be invited to join the Youth Volunteer Network and have the opportunity to form valuable networks with other youth activists, receive additional, specialized training, and access resources such as a provincial library and matching grants to conduct community development activities

2. Citizen Journalism)

Youth today have more opportunities than ever before to access a wide variety of media – new and old media to educate themselves and share their ideas. Communication with the press/media is very important to get more attention for your work and your ideas.  Youth have many tools available to them that create amazing opportunities to communicate with others in their community, their country and all over the world if they choose to call in to radio programs that accept callers, tell their stories to newspaper and radio journalists, write on blogs on the internet, or use email to send your ideas, pictures, or videos to local, national, or international press. 

ADS 2.0 is a three-day interactive training course in which youth were trained on media development and reporting skills such as hot news, feature and profile writing.  This course has equipped young people to become a social activist by increasing their civic participation through media engagement. The curriculum focused more on the using of simple technology – mobile phone and social networks such as internet, email, and facebook to share information in their communities. In addition, some important aspects of media have also been included such as ethics of journalist, identifying source of news as well as reporting skills.

Social Networks – while the most common social networks in Cambodia are made by sending SMS messages through mobile phones, more and more Cambodians are also starting to use the internet and have access to email and social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.  These sites allow youth to connect with people all over the world by sending messages in a way very similar to the way messages are sent on mobile phones.  ADS 2.0 in which social networking was emphasized allows youth to create their own networks, support groups, and share information.  Social networks can be used for social activities such as fund raising, promoting about one’s group, gathering people for a meeting or demonstration and sharing news stories.  Social networking on the internet allows youth to express their voice via their articles, pictures and videos. YCC plans to conduct six regional trainings in which 24 participants from three different provinces will be trained.

3. Advocacy Skill Training 

4. Public Speaking