Success story

Petitioning is one of the most effective advocacy campaigns to make a positive change in society. It also promotes civic participation in the community development process. So far, YCC youth networks have been mobilizing many people and submitted 105 petitions to relevant stakeholders such as commune councillors, police chiefs and school directors in order to express their concern or support of some activities. Within this 10 month period, 939 youth network members (519 women) have mobilized 72,112 local people (35,675 women) to support their petitions. The local authorities and relevant stakeholders were very impressed with these young people who could do such activities. “I couldn’t imagine that youths in my commune could play an active role in mobilizing people and raising the issues to elected officials for solution”, said one of the commune chiefs in Phnom Penh, Mr. Pich Sinoun.

A seller in Sangkat Khmouch, Phnom Penh, Mr. Nhean Vuth, expressed positive feelings towards youth networks who submitted a petition to request the commune council to pay more attention to traffic accidents in their commune. He said that “I was asked by a youth group to sign the petition asking my commune councillor to take action against the high number of road accidents. After a while, I saw many traffic signposts had been set up and pavements were better managed. As a result, the number of traffic accidents decreased noticeably. I feel very happy to see young people actively helping their community. I hope that the authorities will continue to cooperate with these young people to solve other problems in the community.”

One of the youths who participated in collecting the support from local people for this petition said how she is working in her community, “our group noticed that the traffic accidents occur so often in this commune because of big trucks speeding and ignoring traffic signs. So, our group decided to submit this petition to encourage the local authority to pay more attention to this problem”. She added that “I was delighted to be part of the YCC youth network and I have many opportunities to participate in capacity building and social work activities. Moreover, the local authority strongly supports all youth activities in the community. They promise to facilitate and cooperate with us.”