Annual Report

Youth Council of Cambodia's 2016 Annual Report

A message from the Executive Director:

As YCC enters its sixteen year, and I look back on its fifteen, I see great achievement, important change and significant challenges. The achievements are definitely satisfying, and if there were time and space enough, I would mention them all. For instance, consultations were held in 2016 with partners as the government bodies, National and International Non-Government Organization, Local authority, and relevant stakeholder to collaborate to strengthening accountability in governance and politics for the sustainable development in Cambodia. I am really delighted to note how significantly our partners contributed to the success. We look forward to building on this approach in coming years, especially for the 2017 annual activities.

YCC also made strong developments this year in its advocacy effort. Among many other positive-results activities, YCC joined with other global NGO’s to raise and voice up the participation and the right of youth, women, and marginalized people in order to be heard by the public, public service providers and law maker. This is a truly signal achievement. Together with its Task Force and the effort of numerous individual member organisations, this was a true mutual effort. The project implementation on to ensure active participation of citizen to give the people the voice. YCC has been recognised as leading youth organization in Cambodia to equip the youth capacity development.

Throughout 2016 YCC’s projects were taken place for national audiences and for regional stakeholders and were welcomed with passion and understanding. At the same time, with our qualified teamwork we have effectively completed major projects across a wide range of areas. Besides, the activities continue to build and grow, in linking with YCC’s partnerships with a growing number of skilful staff, with the help of the members of Board of Director, and Management Team.

Equally important, change is the only endless in life, and that is as true for YCC as any other organisations. The most important change was that the new Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 was approved by the full members of Board of Director. The plan focuses on the voices of youth, women and marginalized people as full actors and participants, with a forceful theory of change that activates and strengthens youth voices, and advocates for youth on national, regional and global stages. The YCC network, partners and collaborators, as well as youth themselves, are active, vital participants in the plan’s objectives. We continue to heighten our strengths to, provide high-quality and earn the continuous trust from our partners and beneficiaries.

I am excited about the challenges ahead, knowing of the changes we must take on, and definitely grateful for the support of the, Chair of Board Director, Mrs. Yun Mane. I specifically thank the staff of YCC, who have been committed in their professionalism during 2016, and key to the successes attained so far and those to come.

Im Sothy
Executive Director of YCC