Implementation of Social Accountability Framework

The overall objective for the Social Accountability Framework Implementation (I-SAF) Plan is:

The overall objective for this Action is to “reduce poverty through democratic, inclusive and equitable local governance and more accessible and equitable public service delivery.”

The specific objective is to enhance the performance, responsiveness and accountability of local government and service providers (specifically communes, health centres and primary schools) in selected districts through improved access to local information, open budgets and citizen-led monitoring, with a specific focus on the engagement and impacts for women, youth, and ethnic minorities.


Component 1: Enhanced access to Information and Budgets

SR1 - Transparency of local public services (primary schools, health centres and communes) is improved.

SR2 - Citizens are better informed about government standards, budgets and performance.

      Component 2: Strengthened citizen-led monitoring

       SR3 - Local officials and service providers are better informed about priorities and concerns of citizens’ (including women, youth, and ethnic   

        minorities) regarding governance and public services.

       SR4 - Local officials, service providers and citizens (including women, youth and ethnic minorities) collectively agree in interface meetings a Joint

       Accountability Action Plan to improve local service delivery.

Component 3: Strengthened capacities of local NGO partners, CBOs, Community Accountability Facilitators through Facilitation and Capacity Building

SR6 - The capacity of citizens (including women, youth, and ethnic minorities) to productively engage government in improving services and enhancing accountability is enhanced.

SR7 – Community accountability facilitators are willing and able to lead accountability-related outreach and monitoring processes at village/commune level.

Component 4: Contribute to improve government policies, guidelines and practices through enhanced learning, feedback and monitoring

SR8 – Government has been encouraged to make changes to the policies, guidelines and/or practices of state and non-state actors as a result of learning from ISAF M&E.